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frequently asked questions

Everybody is welcome to a 14 day free trial of the app. After that period, you have a selection of three options to suit your needs: 

A yearly subscription at £ 29.99

A three-month subscription at £ 14.99

or if you choose not to share your voice with the community we also have an incognito mode which is £59.99.


Every single person has an unique accent, including yourself. Your accent is influenced by a huge variety of things, including the places you have lived in your life. Adding your voice to the community will be invaluable and will give you a chance to hear how different other people sound from yourself.


Send us an email at enquiries@spikizi.co, we have a bank of incredible voice coaches so we’ll do our best to pair you with the right one for you.


Yes they can! If you ticked the box at the start of your onboarding then we can even pass your details on to them if they request them. 


Make sure you email us at tech@spikizi.co and we’ll try and resolve your problem as soon as we can. Be sure to let us know whether your technical issue is on your apple or android phone or whether it’s on the web app.


We are sorry that this happened. Your karma will be passed back to you (plus a little extra), maybe try and open up your search parameters.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the app email:

If you have a question about the socials or the community then email:

Any other question can be sent to:


“I’ve joined the board of this exciting and encouraging organization to become more actively engaged in the leading-edge thought unfolding through an incredibly timely and invaluable dialect app.”

Stan Brown,

Director of Graduate Studies MFA Acting Program at Northwestern University