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How you sound is unique. Your profile is built up by answering questions that help explain what makes you, you.

“I believe this app will introduce us to authentic, diverse and multicultural voices for us to use as creatives in training and performance, as artists and story-tellers.”

Tess Dignan,

Head of Voice Shakespeare's Globe

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Adding your voice is simple. Record yourself on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Help others to learn and understand your accent by recording our list of words, texts and passions designed by the world's leading voice experts.

I see spikizi as the perfect, evolving resource for actors. I am excited to be able to recommend it to my clients.

Rick Lipton,

Hollywood Voice Coach


Send a Shout-out to an individual or even a whole city to read your text back to you in the accent that you're learning. Explore the wealth of diverse voices even within one dialect.

Example, your learning an accent for a part but are struggling with a particular passage or monologue.

1. Find the accent on the app; it can be one person or multiple people with your desired accent.

2. Copy & Paste the text or monologue you're learning.

3. Shout-out to them.

4. Receive recordings within minutes to help you on your way!

“spikizi is an invaluable resource for any actor, linguist or researcher. The network allows clients to deepen their understanding of their own voice as well as appreciate the diversity and authenticity of other accents.”

Sterre Maier,

Joint Head of Voice at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts


Create public or private playlists, share them with your friends and castmastes and download to listen offline. Search for playlists created by accent coaches and voice experts to help improve even further.

“I’m keen to see a diversity of voices both on the app and on stage and screen, and it’s exciting to see an app like this going into such linguistic detail.”

Dr Hannah Leach,

Lecturer in Phonetics and Phonology at the University of Newcastle


Earn Karma by contributing to the community.

Add new voice clips or respond to other people's Shout-out requests. Then use your earned Karma to request your own Shout-outs.

“An accent app that brings people together, that celebrates the spectacular diversity of voices around the world, and that helps users whether they’re playing a role or trying to own their own voice in the moments that matter? Im in!”

Samara Bay,

Hollywood Voice Coach